UK Boy Bands from 1990’s

Before the existence of “One Direction”, “The Wanted” and other iconic boy bands, most of them undeniably originated from the best and all-time favorite musical group such as “Take that”, “Boy Zone” and “East 17”. These well-known and great UK boy band of 90’s, traditionally became the course of music history and originally became the inspiration behind some of the popular boy bands of today’s generation. They had produced explosive and tremendous record sales and brought a phenomenal songs still well-known today. If you were a fan of “One Direction” or others, you’ll definitely must not miss to see these following list of best and cuddliest crooners of 90’s which became the father of the latest musical boy band nowadays:

  • Boy Zone

Who would forget about this Irish boy band who makes everyone scream, shout and sing along with them every time they perform on stage? Surely, everyone knows their biggest song hits such as ‘Love Me for a Reason’, ‘No Matter What’, ‘Key to My Life’, ‘So Good’, ‘Father and Son’ and many more. Their songs became a big blast in the British Charts and hit the top spot in U.K and Ireland.

The whole group was composed of cute Irish guys named Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch and Ronan Keating. Most of their singles became a big success and based from the BPI certifications, they already sold more than thirteen million records out of their albums in UK alone.

  • Take That

This British pop boy band had brought a lot of singles which top the U.K chart. Twelve of their singles had reached the no. 1 spot among the rest. The group was formed in 1990 and originally consists of 5 members including Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Robbie Williams and Jason Orange. They had gone through so many successful concert tour around the world and had released numerous fast-selling recordings for the past years. Some of their album includes ‘Nobody Else’, ‘The Circus’, ‘Beautiful World’ and a lot more. Their heart-felt ballad and pop music genre had made them an iconic boy band of all times.

  • East 17

One of the most popular UK boy band during the mid-1990s are East 17. The original members of this pop boy band includes Terry Coldwell, Robbie Craig, John Hendy, Tony Mortimer and Brian Henry. Their original style of music had become a big hit for everyone, blending the genre of rap & pop in their songs. Some of their famous songs which has a mix of pop rock includes ‘Let it Rain’ and ‘House of Love’. They had sold a total of 1.8 million singles and album according to the BPI certification. As of 2012, the boy band had sold eighteen million records worldwide and become a frequent headliners in McGettihan’s, JLT (Dubai).

These premier and world-class boy bands had packed stadiums globally thus making them one of the best. Aside from their boy-next-door looks, their songs and iconic voices had apparently transcends different races and nationalities.

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