Twenty One Free But Fun Activities To Do With Children

Summer holidays will soon be here!

Here are a few ideas of activities to do with the children that are free or minimal in cost.
1. Take The Children To A New Park or Playground.
Taking the children to a new park or playground is sure to give them some excitement. It will give them a change of scene. There will also be different play equipment to what they would normally play on.
2. Go To A Museum.
Most museum’s are free of charge. They may also have some sort of event on too. Museum’s are a great place to educate children about all sorts of things.
3. Visit The Library.
Libraries will often have story telling times or other activities for children to participate in. Particularly in school holiday times. Why not take them to these activities or story telling times. You can also give them opportunity to choose a new DVD or some new books to borrow and take home with them.
4. Go Bowling.
Bowling is a great and fun activity to keep children occupied for a while. There are often good deal during off-peak times during the day.
5. Take The Children On A Nature Walk.
Not only will children get exercise on this walk, but they will also have opportunity to get into contact with the nature around them. You can educate them on what kinds of nature or animals they see around them.
6. Go For A Bike Ride.
Bike rides are a fantastic way to teach children about the road rules. Bike riding is also a good way of getting exercise and completely free of course.
7. Play Board Games or Card Games.
Board games and card games are sure to keep children occupied for hours. Most families have board games and cards. If not, then someone you know will have some. They will also have fun as they compete against each other.
8. Make Paper Planes.
As you teach the children to make paper planes, you can also educate them about real planes. You could also take them to the airport to show them what real planes look like. Either use your imagination of print some patterns off from the internet.
9. Go To The Beach.
If you have a beach near you and the weather is suitable, take them to the beach for a while. Whilst you are there, not only can they get their water play, but also sand play. Build a few sandcastles with them and play sand bakery for a while.
10. Visit The Botanical Gardens.
Whilst at the Botanical Gardens, you can show and educate the children about the flowers and plants you see. You can also take a picnic and have a picnic lunch with them there.
11. Paper Plate Fish Craft.
This is a very simple art project, where you use paper plates to make, and decorate fish shapes.  It matches well with a book called Ten Little Fish. It is a very ideal activity for children who are pre-school age.
12. Kool-Aid Painting.
If you already have paint at home, all you need is the paint, a paint brush, warm water, paper and Kool-Aid. Why not give your children opportunity to get creative. This is bigger in the States than the UK, but it is becoming more popular. Find out more on Amazon UK.
13. Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt.
This will allow children to use their scientific muscles. Come up with a range of things for your children to look for. Then get them to go and find them and take a photo of each thing and bring back to you. You can give them a reward if they have found and photographed everything on your list. Make sure they can be trusted with a camera!
14. Play Reading Games.
Rather than read books to them all the time, why not come up with creative games to teach children how to read. Punch cards are a great way to motivate children to do their reading homework. They can also be used as a book mark to keep track of their progress.
15. Nursery/Kindergarten Worksheets.
There are all kinds of kindergarten worksheets available to print off the internet for free. Some even have matching games that come with them. These are sure to keep your children occupied for a while.
16. Choosing Healthy Plates.
Design a plate with healthy foods in different sections of the plate. Have the children colour the food in, in their correct colours. As they are doing this, teach them about the food as well as the food pyramid.
17. Sensory Toys
Sensory toys offer all sorts of enjoyment through stimulating the senses, from light up toys to musical to puzzles and sharing. If you dont have any to hand check out the charity shops.
18. Print Word Search Worksheets.
There are all kinds of word search worksheets available to print. They range from: Mothers day through to animals and sigh words. If your children know how to spell then they are sure to have fun with these.
19. Play Dress-Ups.
All children need to play dress up’s with are some old clothes or towels. Rather than throw or donate your old clothes, keep them available for children to enjoy playing dress up with. This is a great activity for imaginary play.
20. Colouring In.
Colouring in books are very cheap to purchase. Otherwise you can print free colouring in pages from the internet. Not only will the children be kept occupied, but they will also be kept quiet.
In this article, we have had a brief look at 20 free, but fun activities for children to do. All of these are sure to make family fun times enjoyable. Why not give them a go sometime.

21. Geocaching.
Have great fun with the kids by geocaching. Download the app – the free version has plenty to offer and set off searching for hidden treasures!

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