Top Tips Before Buying a Hot Tub

The hot tub industry has become quite a competitive and vibrant market. Companies have advanced in recent years, coming up with innovative technologies especially on the hydrotherapy sector which is essential for treatment of arthritis. Many people are buying these tubs, but before you buy a hot tub or spa for your family, I advise that you first learn the trends in the hot tub market. With this knowledge you will find a tub that is suitable for your budget and one that fits your personal and health needs.


Buying hot tub and spas is not an everyday occurrence, therefore, you need to first find out about the options available to get the tub that meets your needs best. There are factors that you need put into consideration, including

  • Location and available space.

Most spas can be used outdoors and indoors regardless of the climate; however, most people choose outdoor locations for their hot tub. Therefore the spa that you choose will depend on two factors, the available space and the number people that will be using the spa at the same time.

Make a decision on where you will put your spa. You could outline the dimensions of the hot tub with a rope or garden hose, to see how it will fit in. This gives you the visual perspective and helps make a decision. As you imagine how it will appear, consider proximity to the electrical service, view, privacy and accessibility of the users. These are crucial considerations that are often overlooked!

  • Seating Capacity Desired

Before you even go shopping decide on the number of people that will be using your new tub at the same time. If it is a family tub, relatives and friends may come for a visit and you might not want to ask them to take turns in enjoying the hot tub and spa. In this case you need a large spa to suit your needs. On the contrary, you might also have a small family or you could also want to enjoy the spa alone. This needs a smaller spa.

There are very many brands in the market you will actually have a problem deciding which one to take and which one not to. Companies are now making spas and tubs to be fashion statements with different colors, shapes and designs. They also manufacture tubs according to users age, for instance baby tubs.

Breakdowns – what happens if or when the hot tub breakdowns? BEFORE you invest, make sure you have details of a hot tub repair company, that can reach you fairly quickly. To prevent breakdowns why not consider contracted hot tub servicing? Just like a car, if maintained breakdowns will be few and far between. Hot tub parts can be very expensive and unbranded hot tubs, may be more difficult to find the right parts.


PLEASE ALWAYS check the water temperature and seek advice for the correct temperature for children. ALSO hot tub chemicals – buy quality chemicals and use them EXACTLY as instructed. Hot tub chemicals can be dangerous and cheap chemicals can damage the hot tub.  Aquasparkle and  Fi-Chlor are good brands but there are plenty of others.

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