Reasons to Visit Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful collection of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, around 350 miles from the coast of Africa. Cape Verde boasts a fusion of African and Portuguese influences.

The weather is mild (to us Brits, HOT!) all year round. It usually rains between August and October. Temperatures range from 26° to 31° making it a choice destinations from visitors from colder climates. There is typically windy weather, which can trick holidaymakers into feeling cooler and not wearing sun screen!

As well as an appealing climate, the islands boast stunning golden sands and sweeping dunes stretching for miles, and clear, turquoise ocean. The islands are under-developed apart from the often sprawling all-inclusive hotels. Most of the hotels are beach front. Hotels tend to be few and far between. Once out of the hotels, the landscape is barren, flat mostly, and other than to small towns and villages.

The people are so hospitable. Wherever you may venture you will meet kind and welcoming people. There is a lot to do in Cape Verde. Visit local markets, go off roading, and our favourite was snorkelling! Scuba diving is also available.

Flight time from the UK is around 6 hours, making it a relatively close destination, although long haul flights are 7 hours plus; hence no movies to watch during the flight so load up your iPads!

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