Public Tension Mounts Against Outrageous Plans Incineration in Ryburn Valley, Sowerby Bridge

Calder Valley Skip Hire must be the most unpopular company in West Yorkshire right now, and public pressure mounts day by day to strongly oppose plans to build and expand its incineration in the deep valley.

According to the Facebook Action Group :

First of all, thank you for your support last year but we need your help again. We are a group of local residents who are getting increasingly concerned with the blatant disregard for the health of our community, and for the overall risk to our environment. Calder Valley Skip Hire (CVSH) have yet again applied for an incinerator, permission to burn on site and work 24 hours a day Monday-Friday.

Not only have they reapplied for this at their Belmont site, but they have also applied for a permit for an incineration plant on Mearclough Road (next to the recycling centre). The recent major fire at the Belmont site was a graphic illustration of the impact an incinerator would have, which resulted in thick smoke sitting in the valley bottom for days. Depending on which way the wind blows, the flue from an incinerator would bellow emissions towards Ripponden and Rishworth, or towards Norland, Sowerby Bridge, Copley and Savile Park.

DO YOU WANT YOUR DAILY LIFE BLIGHTED BY FUMES/POLLUTION, NOISE, DAMAGE TO WILDLIFE AND VEGETATION, FOUL ODOURS, INCREASED TRAFFIC AND ROAD SAFETY ISSUES? More than one person per household can object, so we encourage each adult to do so separately, therefore increasing the number of objections.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), says that incinerators are the leading source of dioxin into the global environment. The EPA, in a recent study, identified dioxins as the cause of many cancers, the worst component being TCDD (also known as Agent Orange).

Last year the company had a major blaze, and the smoke was rancid in smell and lingered in the steep sided valley for days. School children were kept indoors due to the smoke being potentially hazardous.

Calder Valley Skip Hire fireOne of the most worrying developments, is the new building at a proposed site on Mearclough Road for animal carcass incineration. Calder Valley Skip Hire have had a new building erected without planning permission. Furthermore they have taken delivery of the incinerator already which seems to be Incinerator i8 1000. This would need to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They do not have a license for this. Have they been given the go ahead outside of the process? Disgusting through and through. How can this happen and who is accountable?

no license to incinerate



Craig Whittaker MP has been instrumental in objecting to the ludicrous plans.  He has even written to the Secretary of State:

Many people have been asking whether the Secretary of State can ‘Call in’ these plans and take the process out of the hands of Calderdale Council. The simple answer is yes this can be done but like all things there are criteria around plans being called in. 
For absolute clarity, I have written to the Secretary of State, The Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP, requesting that an evaluation is done to see whether this can be done.
There are 2 x issues here – one is the General Election. They won’t even look at the criteria until after the election because of Purdah and possibly until the Prime Minister has completed the reshuffle
The second issue is that it isn’t the Secretary of State who decides (Yes, the SoS does the final sign off either way) but it will be done by the National Planning Inspectorate with a public inquiry to gather evidence. Whatever the outcome, I believe there is no right of appeal – again, either way.
so we wait and see whether it meets the criteria and of course in the mean time, we must continue the pressure on the Council to ensure they are aware of public anger about these plans.
Hope this helps and Clarifies

It seems that this maverick company can do what exactly what it likes without permission.

The public have organised and attended meetings, objected to the plans online, signed the online petition and recently organised THE MARCH OF SHAME. This was covered by the BBC and local news services.












This is the fella shouting angrily at the protesters, who were very quiet and polite, at Belmont Site.

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One protestor, Bruce Fitzgerald calculated the following distances.  Here’s the Distances from the proposed waste incinerator site at Calder Valley Skip Hire, Belmont plant, Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge
Remember they are all above the proposed chimney height!
Sacred Heart 380metres
New Road 580m
Ryburn Valley HS 800m
Sowerby Village 1km
Triangle Primary 1.2km
Norland 1.2km
Tuel Lane 1.2km
Sowerby Bridge HS 1.5km
Christchurch SB 1.6km
Bolton Brow 1.7km
Warley Town 1.9km
Luddendenfoot 2.0km
Mill Bank 2.3km
Warley Road 2.6km
Barkisland 2.7km
Ripponden 2.8km
Crossley Heath 3.0km
Saville Park 3.2km
That’s nine schools within 1 mile and 18 schools within 2 miles of the Belmont site. There are plenty more places where children are all around this area! #SayNoToWasteIncinerationInOurTown
The fight continues and the pressure and tensions rise.

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