Physical Intervention Training

Securicare physical intervention trainingFear is a powerful emotion. Fear can cripple even the strongest person making them incapable of moving or doing anything. I myself just to be afraid of anything altercation as I did not know how to protect myself, however more than that, I was afraid of being hit. I decided to self-defence classes. One of the more important aspects of self-defence isn’t the ability to hit or be able to take a hit, It is about been calm comfortable in any situation no matter how intimidating or violent.

It is a good idea to be able to speak to the teacher of the class and let them understand the reason you’re there. Like I said for me it was mainly about the being able to take a hit to the face. Moments later I had a headgaurd and gloves and stood on a matt facing 3 people I have never seen before, this put me in a state of fight or flight which is a natural human defence system.

I heard a loud shout saying “OKAY” then 3 people rushing me and hitting me, what felt like 10 minutes was in fact 5 seconds. When these people moved back off me the instructor said “how do you feel?” I was great in that moment I realised that I’m not made of glass and I won’t just shatter on the impact of a hit.

By doing this exercise and trusting the instructor it gave me the confidence to be able to proceed and finish training and continue training for many years.

Now I have been in shops and offices and other work environments where I have seen the behaviour and thought people need some sort of training. There is a company called Securicare and they do all kinds of training one, in particular, is Physical Intervention Training Which is something I think would be good for you too check out. They are a great company and do all kinds of training another course that is great to learn would be Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour so go forth do not let fear stand in your way any longer.

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