Dark Den Time Fun Kit

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A perfect accessory kit to make any dark area come to life. Each light up resource creates a striking visual effect.

Kit comprises:

1 x Fun Kit Bag

1 x Prismatic Projector

1 x Fibre Optic Mushroom

1 x Magic Power

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.exploreyoursenses.co.uk

Suitable for all kids and loved by many with Autism – dark den funtime light kit

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Facebook Privacy – How Safe Are You?

The idea of choosing the degree of privacy on Facebook was a welcome feature as it allowed you to choose who could view your profile, posts or add you as a friend. As a user, you could use the sliding scale to choose your visibility, for instance to everyone or to only me. Regarded as […]

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Twenty One Free But Fun Activities To Do With Children

Summer holidays will soon be here! Here are a few ideas of activities to do with the children that are free or minimal in cost. 1. Take The Children To A New Park or Playground. Taking the children to a new park or playground is sure to give them some excitement. It will give them […]

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Clarks School Shoes – The Lowdown for Newbies

Hey new mums! (and Dads) If you can afford a decent pair of shoes for your child when they start school, chances are you will opt for Clarks shoes. The brand has an enviable reputation which goes back several generations. According to Clarks website “It began with a flash of inspiration. It was 1825 in […]

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The Care Certificate: Gateway To A Career

In 2013 it was estimated that the number of adult social care jobs in England was 1.52 million. That was an increase of 15% since 2009. Following this trajectory the number of adult social care jobs is projected to grow to around 2.2 million by 2025. Within the elderly care sector, this increase in staff […]

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Cleanse 9 Review

I started the Cleanse 9 diet on 1st February. I wanted to lose some weight and feel healthier, in order to kick start myself into continuing to diet. I am not affiliated in any way with the Forever Living Products company, and I did not know the distributor – a friend passed her name on […]

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Reasons to Visit Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful collection of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, around 350 miles from the coast of Africa. Cape Verde boasts a fusion of African and Portuguese influences. The weather is mild (to us Brits, HOT!) all year round. It usually rains between August and October. Temperatures range from 26° to 31° making […]

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Kitchens of the Future 

The kitchen will embrace technology and change drastically from what we see today. According to IKEA, the world’s largest furniture store, the time to design how the future kitchens will look like is now. Students from the universities of Lund and Eindhoven together with IDEO did a research recently, to explore the social, technological and demographic […]

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

Buying a horse? Here are ten things to think about! I have always been mad about horses. I think you are either mad about them or not. I was the girl who never left the house without her riding hat (just in case!) I was the girl who spent entire weekends at the local stables […]

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Hoverboards – THE Latest Craze

Interested in the brand new craze of hoverboards? We tell you all you need to know about them, whether it be where you can get them from, how to use them and due to recent laws, where you are allowed to use them. Hoverboards are a way of transporting yourself from A to B by just […]

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