Monaco Grand Prix

Fancy a trip to one of the best motor races in the whole world? Read on and find out more about the Monaco Grand Prix!

green light to Monaco Grand PrixGrand Prix de Monaco, as the French call it, has been running since 1929 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious motor racing events in the world.

Anthony Noghes proposed the creation of an automobile Grand Prix in the streets of Monte Carlo. He was given the official support of Prince Louis the second. The Monaco Grand Prix is organised each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco which also runs the Monte Carlo Rally and the Junior Monaco Kart Cup. The race course needs to be built and dismantled which takes weeks.

The actual track is the known Circuit de Monaco. It runs through the streets of Monaco which boasts sharp bends and a tunnel. This makes is a dangerous track to race on and sees below average speeds during racing time.

During the  sixties Graham Hill won five times which gave him a new name of Mr Monaco. The driver who has won the race more times than any other contender is Brazilian Ayrton Senna.

The Circuit de Monaco runs through the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine and includes the famous harbour. The challenge of the course lends itself to being one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One racing. Drivers have crashed and ended up in the harbour.

Triple Formula One champion Piquets famously quoted that racing at Monaco was like trying to cycle round your living room and also that a win here was worth two anywhere else. The tunnel adds to the demands of the course due to super fast changes from bright light to darkness.

Monaco attracts thousands of tourists for the Grand Prix. Formula One fans visit Monaco to see for themselves one of the most demanding race tracks in the world, whilst at the same time enjoying the climate and experiencing life in one of the worlds most glamorous locations.

It is claimed that the best place to view the Grand Prix is from the Casino Square, and better still at the Café de Paris. Seating at this location is usually higher due to the excellent vantage points, and the famous location.

Whilst the Grand Prix is on Monte Carlo will be a very busy sea side resort. The harbour will be busy with visitors, the hotels are usually fully booked, the chair lifts will not be running so everyone walks. The weekend of the race usually coincides with the Monaco Festival of Arts. You will find street entertainers and a wonderful buzzing atmosphere. There are plenty of hills, as the town is located on a cliff top. One of the reasons that the circuit is so demanding is the many steep elevations.

Monaco offers fine dining in terms of number of high class restaurants. In fact there are around 130 restaurants within 2 square kilometres. Prices seem to increase the closer you get to infamous and elite Casino Square.

There are a few ways to plan a trip to the Monaco Formulas One Grand Prix. Buy tickets online, and organise your own travel and accommodation. Or buy a package which includes flight and hotel within the price. Premium packages are available which usually include meals, including French cuisine, along with copious amounts of French red wine. Either way you will need to book well in advance. A New Year search would usually be early enough to find some good tickets.

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