London – 7 MUST-See Attractions

This magnificent city can provide you with so much excitement as it has many great places to visit; from historic to state-of-the-art!

The following suggestions are places which have plenty to offer and are linked close to the culture and history of London. Click for the official Visit London Tourism website.

British Museum

This is the place that can make you feel amazed about the creations of man. You can find all the things that are created by man from the ancient time to this modern era. The collections of this museum are really amazing as it has got things from various parts of the world. This place has the highlights of Rosetta stone, mummies, Parthenon sculptures and so on. There is no entry fees for this museum but you may need to pay money for the tickets for any special exhibitions going on there. Brilliant for children and adults!

National Gallery

National gallery of London is a vast space that can offer you with the paintings of Europe from 13th – 19th century. This art gallery has got great works from masters like Stubbs, Titian, Renoir, Constable, Botticelli, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. This is also the place with no entry fees but you need to buy tickets for any special exhibitions. A MUST if you take an interest in art and culture.

Natural History Museum

This is the place that can amaze you with it’s dinosaur exhibition, collection of rarest, tallest and biggest animals of world. You can find the blue whale with a huge size and spider which is 40 million years old here. There is no entry fees into this museum. A great hit with the kids.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is found on the banks of Thames. This is the national museum of modern and contemporary arts in Britain. It has got a unique shape as it was used as a power station in the beginning. The restaurants of the galleries can provide great view of the city. Here also you can have a free entry.

London Eye

EDF Energy London Eye is the great thing that you should not miss in your visit to London. They boast about providing a view of all the beautiful sceneries of London. You can see about 55 landmarks of London through a great perspective in just 30 minutes.

Science Museum

This is the place where you can touch and feel the advancement mankind has made scientifically in past 300 years. You get a free entry here and the visit can be really worthy.

Victoria & Albert Museum

This is the place where you can find amazing artefacts that are from about 300 years. This is the place with great treasure of many goodies which include textiles, metalwork, sculpture, paintings, furniture and so on. You can get free entry to this place but may need to purchase tickets for some special exhibitions.

Your trip can be made worthy if you are choosing the right places to visit which have some connection with the culture, history of London and mankind. This is indeed a city of museums that can help you understand the development and growth of humanity from Neanderthals to the modern man.

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