How to Add 10 Years to Your Life

We have all been lol’ing at this article in today’s Daily Mail. How to add 10 years onto your life.

Some of it is spot on! In particular cutting out toxic friends from your life. You need not become enemies, but we all have them. When life is sunny they are by your side, but when the rain comes they are nowhere to be seen.

As for cut back on coffee!??!!! I think not. Having cut out caffeine for a month last year, I can safely say that caffeine will always be a part of my life and I will not be reducing my intake!

It also recommends that we stand up more. Agreed, but I have just come back from a 5 mile run!!! Funnily enough they also recommend regularly working out and on a serious note, I think this is key to living longer and being healthier in older age.


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