Hot Tub Types and Other Tips

Hot tubs are the perfect way to de-stress. To be able to sign off from a busy and hectic day by putting your feet up and relaxing in your hot tub, it just doesn’t get any better than that; especially while in a beautiful garden setting. With the vast amount of hot tubs out on the market today, it may seem to be an overwhelming task to choose the one that meets all your needs; whether it is price, size, colour, features, and always considering location, or a combination of all those things. Here is a list of the three different types of hot tubs that may suite your needs:

  • Above ground hot tub– this may just be the most purchased kind of hot tub because you are able to put it anywhere. Albeit often with the use of a small crane! It’s easy to simply buy, take home, and start using, experience. The versatility of this hot tub as well as low prices make it an overall attractive hot tub for many.
  • Inflatable hot tub– This is a user-friendly hot tub mainly because it’s extremely affordable yet easy to install. You simply need to inflate it anywhere and you have a wonderful hot tub. The portability of this style also makes it appealing, as you may store it while not in use, for example during the winter—if you choose not to use it during the colder months.
  • In-ground hot tub– with this type of hot tub being the most expensive, it definitely is the most luxurious one out of the three. The in ground hot tubs do require a professionally installed service which can be costly, but if you have a difficult to fit garden area that you would like to fit this into, the installers are usually able to accommodate accordingly. One other downside to getting an in ground hot tub is that it may take a while to install, but it is usually worth the wait once you are able to finally get in and relax. One pro as compared to the other two options is that this one is extremely durable; basically a hot tub that is built to stand the test of time.

There is no better way to entertain than throwing a party and having a hot tub as the centre of attention. When taking into consideration the type of hot tub you would like to buy, consider just how often you plan to use your hot tub. If you plan on using it every day, or year-round, you may want to consider it an investment and splurge on an in ground or above ground hot tub. If you plan on using it just a few times per year, maybe when having a party every so often, then an inflatable hot tub may suite your needs. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons when making your decision, as there are many brands and features to choose from, you are definitely sure to find the perfect one that fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to hot tub repair and servicing always have a contact ready to ring! And for hot tub parts, easily bought online, although we recommend you always consult an expert.

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