Cleanse 9 Review

I started the Cleanse 9 diet on 1st February. I wanted to lose some weight and feel healthier, in order to kick start myself into continuing to diet.

I am not affiliated in any way with the Forever Living Products company, and I did not know the distributor – a friend passed her name on after chatting at kids swimming lessons.


Days 1 and 2 – NO FOOD. This was a killer. I really didn’t think I could last the 2 days out. I thought of the £105 I had paid for the kit. In the end on both days I went to bed very early!

Days 3 sees the introduction of FOOD!!!! A 600 calorie meal. I wishes each day away longing for the daily meal!

Finally it was over.

The aloe vera juice is absolutely REVOLTING. Really, it is disgusting. However it is supposed to be so good for the body, so I continued. After all, something that taste so vile much be good for you.

I enjoyed the shakes. I decided to also ban dairy – well everything else is banned so why not. I had shakes made with almond milk, and I really enjoyed them. I chose chocolate but vanilla is also available.

The programme is extremely strict and each daily page has check boxes to tick off. I like this. It is very disciplined and structured.

I must warn you…and sorry if TMI. You may have a lot of wind! You may need the toilet more too!

I build plenty of exercise into my plan. Running on the treadmill and hiking with my dogs. I guess for the 9 days my work became secondary and the Cleanse 9 took over!

In the end I had lost 8lbs and I felt fantastic. My skin looked healthier and my eyes were more sparkly.

Did it do the trick? Absolutely. I went for a meal to celebrate on day 10 – however I have continued with eating healthily. At the end there was shake powder left over and aloe vera juice so it is quite easy to carry on.

For me it was worth the £105.

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