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Who would ever forget about the ill-fated but legendary love story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) in the unforgettable movie “Titanic”? How about the unique but thrilling romantic scene in the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” starring the beautiful Angelina Jolie and hottie Brad Pitt? Definitely, everyone already laughed, cried, got inspired, fall in love and still downheartedly twitterpated over these best romantic films of all times.

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Hollywood never failed to produce numerous romantic movies that you would absolutely love to watch at weekends and holidays together with your friends, family or partners while eating popcorns or chips. If you can’t get enough of watching some of these unforgettable movies, you better check out the following all-time best romantic films that will surely complete your day:

  • Pretty Woman (Directed by Garry Marshall)

Edward (Richard Gere) is a ruthless rich businessman and taking over some of the well-known companies and selling them piece by piece is his specialty. Edward had a business travel on Los Angeles where he decided to hire Vivian (Julia Roberts), a beautiful prostitutes in whom he offered money to stay with him during the entire week as he do his ‘business’- but in return turning him head over heels for the lady.

  • Notting Hill (Directed by Roger Michell)

The simple life of William Thacker, the owner of ‘Notting Hill’ bookstore, turned up-side-down when the world’s ‘best-liked actress’ and world’s ‘most beautiful woman’- Anna Scott entered in his shop. However, their romantic relationship had become explicitly challenging since being with the world’s most famous woman was never been easy- being around the showbiz world, nor being with their closest friends and devouring media press.

  • Titanic (Directed by James Cameron)

Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), a 17-year old aristocrat was expecting to marry a claimant due to her mother’s insistence. But her heart was captivated by a poor but kind-hearted artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) while aboard with the luxurious ship Titanic.

  • The Notebook (Directed by Nick Cassavetes)

A poor yet passionate man falls in love with a rich woman Allie Calhoun (Gena Rowlands) who’s unfortunately separated because of their differences in social status. They had took a different path. But many years later after the war, they found each other again.

  • A Walk To Remember (Adam Shankman)

Landon Carter (Shane West), a popular student who has no definite plan for his own future was forced to have an after-school activity as a form of community service. This is a form of a punishment for his wrongfully gone prank on one of the student which had been hospitalized because of their irresponsible act. While participating in their after-school activity, he meet the simple Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the woman who made him realized the real meaning of fate and love.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Doug Liman)

Jane and John Smith are a typical/normal couple who lives a normal life as husband and wife. But neither both of them knows each other’s secrets until they found out that both of them are assassins hired by different competing agencies and assigned to kill each other as a target.

These best romance film captured all the hearts of its viewers. It generally has a unique theme which keeps viewers in suspense thus keeping them anticipating of what is going to happen next. So if you wanted to have a worthwhile movie experience, these romantic movies won’t definitely disappoint you.

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